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In regards to your email on how ODOT can improve Pedestrian Safety. First off, hopefully you shared this with not only Street Trust members but also the decision makers at ODOT!

You have stated the need for, to keep it simple, the need to reduce fatalities of peds thru managing dollar resources and public awareness etc. In Milwaukie, NDA’s at our monthly meetings state their concerns so that that we (PSAC) can bring the attention to City Council. We also do our best to promote multi-modal transportation to attempt to put a dent in the safety issues that cause pedestrian incidents to occur. So thank you for hammering home the need for ODOT to adjust their priorities on where the money needs or should be, allocated.

In Milwaukie we were posting “Slow Down” signage in the past, and hopefully we can start that program again.

As a satellite city of Portland, could we purchase “Slow the Flock Down” signs from whomever (PBOT) is creating those or are the signs limited to Multnomah County?

Jay Panagos

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