I also would like to point out the ever since Portland shifted to the LED street lights, it's harder to see at night. They did not purchase the correct wavelengths of color to use as the current street lights are very blue and reflect heavily. Dark rainy streets look even darker. Just look up into one of the new street lights and your eyes feel it.

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That's funny, the idea street of lighting as a way of improving road safety came across my desk this morning! I did some light research and saw a mixed response nationwide, with some cities' residents saying they are too dim, while others saying they are too bright. The most successful case of transitioning to LED street lights appears to be Chicago: https://www.utilitydive.com/press-release/20221206-city-of-chicago-and-terrago-win-world-smart-city-award-for-streetlights-op-1/

- Kayla

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Not all LEDs are created equal, right? I am an amateur astronomer, so I was really curious when Portland began switching out the street lights to see if it would reduce city light pollution. All from my own personal experience, of course, but I did not really see any big differences as it seemed to me the new LED light reflected and bounced around a lot. It's similar to how there are so many different car headlights now, and some make it harder to see when they are coming towards you than others. But I have no evidence or science on the LEDs to back up my neighborhood opinion. Thanks for the link, Kayla!

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